Programmes and Quality Manager

April 18,2019


I have to be quite honest, but I can't really remember much about this job.  I remember being astounded that O'Hooligan's boss wanted me as his deputy.  The job was to manage all the Programmes that the division (and I can't remember the name of the Division!) was running, and ensure they came in on time and budget.  Part of that was to ensure that they met their quality obvectives too.

I suppose I must have done a reasonable job at it.  I know I was pleased that I had done all that Economics and Operations Research back in University, at least I understood the principles.

I did it for about a year, and then caught wind that one of the directors who I particularly admired was setting up a new business division, and I asked him if he could find a job for me in it.  I was appointed Business Manager.


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